“Excellent conference, fantastic venue and very well organized with great activities and sessions for girls as well as valuable presentations for parents. Thanks to all of the corporate sponsors for making this wonderful event available to girls and the community. The sponsors and conference organizers will be instrumental in getting the girls to right and rewarding careers in tech that will transform our future.”

“Wonderful experience. It is a great way of encouraging young girls to take interest in choosing technology as a career. Excellent sessions for parents of middle school/high school girls.”

“Very well organized conference that benefits both parents and our children. I hope it will continue to build a strong community.”

“So very happy I came to this today. My daughter is also enjoying herself, even though she did not expect to!”

“This is an excellent conference and very much needed.”

“Great role model to have the teen moderator. Such an important message and so well delivered.”

Via Email: “Thank you for the wonderful event today. We weren’t really sure what to expect. My daughter and her friends from Girls Middle School really enjoyed themselves. There were six 7th graders who attended today. I am sure that number will grow next year through word of mouth and the girls’ enthusiasm. I attended the parent portion, which I found very informative. I have my Facebook for Parents book to refer to as I navigate the digital landscape. I thought the speakers were effective; they spoke long enough to pique my interest but not too long to be boring. I especially appreciated the Symantec portion; it covered an aspect of security that was new to me. Thank you again for such a nice event. I appreciate all the time and energy that went into creating a fantastic experience for the girls.” — Mary Vincent

Via Facebook: “Wonderful speakers! Great event!” — Anne Murray‐Segar

Via Facebook: “My daughter had a great time. Thank you so much for this wonderful opportunity.” — Kristen Nelson

Via Email: “I very much enjoyed the Dare2B Digital Conference last weekend. Thank you very much for putting this together.The parent workshops were very informative ‐ more than I expected… I also commend you on the location. The Computer History Museum is just the right place to have such an event. Glad, that they have so much room on the second floor to accommodate the whole group. I do have one suggestion for improving the experience for the girls. If it would be possible to have separate groups for the middle and high school girls. There is just such a big mental difference between a 6th grader and a 9th or 10th grader. This way the workshops for the high school kids could also be a little bit more challenging. My daughter especially liked the programming class for Androids and the scavenger hunt in the museum. She would have preferred to have a little bit more time for the programming class to create a more complex program. Overall this was a great event and I am very interested in volunteering for this event next year.” – Gaby Knauth


“Thank you so much! This definitely opened my eyes to the many roles you can play in technology.” Serena, Fremont High

“I hope this program can continue for many years so that can be more girls encouraged into the

technology industry.” Rosa, Carlmont High

“The classes were very interesting and it made me want to consider this as a field of work. The small‐

basic was challenging and I liked the challenge.” Bethany, Mountain View High

“I had a great time. I made new friends, learned a lot and became more interested in a future in

computer science. D2BD inspired me.” Shruti, Egan Jr. High

“I love D2BD and I am going to be just like Genevieve and my mentor at the luncheon.” Shreya, Harker High

“I really enjoyed this program and I am definitely more interested in the Computer & Technology field.” Salonee, Mission San Jose High

“I loved the computers you let us use and also the tutorials were spectacular.” Priya, Misson San Jose High

“You guys rock! I will go to the next D2BD. This rocks!” Corina, Graham Middle School

“This was an epic day. I am stunned at how epic this conference was! You all are AMAZING!” Mary, Harker School

“I should come back next year… It was an awesome experience!” Claire, Hopkins Jr. High

“The teachers and mentors were amazing!” Natasha, Harker High

“Thank you for being so inspirational.” Jones Family Homeschool

“I really hope I can come next year.” Concepion, Campbell Middle School

“I really enjoyed this experience. I like meeting other people and asking questions about their job.” Lawson High

“D2BD was overall a great event! I learned so much, met new people and had lots of fun.” Catherine, Harker High

“I learned a lot! D2BD has encouraged me and is a great program.” Hayley, Rolling Hills Middle School

“Thank you for everything. I really enjoyed it and think I will come back next year.” Roberta, Woodside High