2013 Workshops for Young Women:

  • Workshop 1 – Mobile HTML5 Gaming App (presented by Lukas Blakk, Mozilla) In this workshop you will develop a mobile HTML5 game application for the FirefoxOS (a mobile operating system Mozilla is launching that uses only open web technology). Participants will learn a bit about the open web, a bit about simple HTML5 game creation, and then how to put their customized games onto a mobile device to play with. Recommended for ages 14-16.
  • Workshop 2 Programming with Alice (presented by Oracle Academy) Alice is an award-winning software tool from Carnegie Melon University that teaches programming to students in grades 7 and up. In this workshop, students will build a 3D animation and gain basic or more advanced programming skills depending on their level of experience.
  • Workshop 3 – Lemonade Stand Modernized (presented by Lin Shearer, eBay Innovate Group) Lemonade stands might be a thing of the past, but the chance to build an empire from modest beginnings still exists. In this workshop we will walk you through the basics of running a business and give you the opportunity to set up your own online store.
  • Workshop 4Create a Phone App Prototype (presented by AnnaLise Hoopes, Iridescent) Have you ever wanted to create an app for a smartphone? In this workshop, you’ll learn about user-centered design and create your very own paper prototype of an app. You’ll work in small groups to design the functionality of your app, and then you’ll draw the individual screens and diagram how they link together. You’ll then test your app’s usability on potential users and learn how users will interact with each button and screen you’ve created. When you’re finished, you will have a paper prototype that you can use as a blueprint for coding your app in a simple language like App Inventor.
  • Workshop 5Cyber Safety: Take Charge of Your Online Experience (presented by Rita Holiday, Intel) How many “friends” do you have online? What do they know about you? Your digital footprint is probably bigger than you think. This workshop will feature role playing, short videos, and other exercises to teach you effective cyber-security habits so you safely manage your online experience.
  • Workshop 6 – For the Full Shopping Experience…You’ve Got to Network the Mall (presented by Brocade) Going shopping? Texting friends? Sharing photos of purchases? Computers and mobile devices have redefined the social shopping experience. This new level of connectivity is possible thanks to networks that link us all together. But how do networks work? In this session you will learn how cell phones, tablets and computers attach to the network, working together to enhance the shopping and social experience.
  • Workshop 7 – Technical Roles in Digital Animation (presented by Fran Kalal, Beth Albright and Susan Fong, Pixar Animation Studios) Do you love animated movies? Do you love math, science and engineering? So do we! In this workshop, we will introduce you to some exciting ways computers, math and engineering are used to create some of your favorite animated movies. You will have the opportunity to use your geometry, graphing and observation skills to problem solve in a “think like a technical artist” challenge.
  • Workshop 8 – EmPOWERed to Create Change (presented by Lori Fitzmaurice, Girls For a Change) Ever wonder how you can make the world a better place? Ever think how technology, science and math can make it happen? In this workshop, get your change on and turn up the power on a better world! Girl power!