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Help spread the word about our events and the exciting careers awaiting young women in computer science.

Dare 2B Digital is currently seeking:

Become a Social Media ambassador

1. Facebook: Like Dare 2B Digital (search: “dare 2B digital” or http://on.fb.me/XaQ4yJ).

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3. Update your FB status before the event. Templates to cut and past for updates (or create your own):

  • Great event 2/9 to inspire your daughter’s inner entrepreneur www.dare2bdigitalconference.com/2013-san-francisco-bay-area/
  • Bringing my daughter to learn about tech careers 2/9 at @dare 2B digital www.dare2bdigital.org
  • What I’m excited to hear at @dare 2b digital Feb 9th is _______ www.dare2bdigitalconference.com/2013-san-francisco-bay-area/.
  • Proud [company name] is supporting @dare 2b digital Feb 9th www.dare2bdigitalconference.com/2013-san-francisco-bay-area/.

4. Update your FB status at the event. Ideas for updates (or create your own):

  • Favorite thing I learned (or my daughter learned) at the @dare 2b digital event is _________________.

5. Twitter: Follow www.twitter.com/dare2bdigital and use #d2bd13. Sample tweets you can cut and paste (or create your own):

  • Inspiring my daughter’s inner entrepreneur at @dare2bdigital 2/9 Bay Area bit.ly/WykHl2 #d2bd13
  • Let’s #STEM the tide with @dare2bdigital – discover exciting careers for young women 2/9 bit.ly/WykHl2 #d2bd13
  • Encouraging girls to change the world 2/9 at @dare2bdigital conference bit.ly/UqS2y7 #d2bd13 #careers
  • #d2bd13 Great to see [your @Company] and @dare2bdigital closing the #STEM gender gap mwne.ws/XIpTPW

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7. LinkedIn: Share status updates with your network using templates above or:

  • Help me spread the word about Dare 2B Digital’s event Feb. 9th where young women will discover exciting computing careers: www.dare2bdigitalconference.com/2013-san-francisco-bay-area/.

8. Attending the event Feb. 9th? Post your favorite pics & slides!

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9. Visit our YouTube channel. Rate and share the featured video bit.ly/VxZTwo.

Become a Guest Blogger

10. Join our blogging team! Get published! Inspire young women in D2BD’s community as a guest contributor. Blog about your favorite session(s), your thoughts on bridging the gender gap, your company’s commitment to encouraging young women or your career journey. Or, team with a young woman and mentor her very own blog contribution. Email 400-600 words to joanna [at] rustincommunications [dot] com. We’ll feature guest/mentor posts on the D2BD blog and Invent Your Future blog!