Parent's Program

WORKSHOP 1:  Keeping Kids Safe Online is a Safe Bet – presented by Anita Rao, Business Partner Director, Symantec

Curious about what your children are doing online? Worried about keeping them safe? Join us for an overview of kids’ popular online activities. You’ll learn how to separate myth from reality when it comes to web dangers and learn the best practices for keeping you and your children safe on the Internet.

WORKSHOP 2: Facebook for Parents, presented by Krista Kobeski, Policy Communications Team, Facebook

What is this Facebook thing about? What are they doing to keep my teens safe when they use Facebook? How can I have a discussion with my teens about their presence online?  Come learn the best questions to ask, how to teach your teens the online safety basics so they can keep their presence on Facebook safe and secure, and get great tips and hints about the way Facebook works for young people.  You’ll learn some of the basics, more about Facebook’s safety philosophies, and how to teach your teen the best online practices.

WORKSHOP 3: (two parts)
Tackling the Runaway Costs of College – Beatrice Schultz, CFP, College Funding Specialist,  Westface College Planning

The cost of a college education has skyrocketed! Many parents with college-bound students feel completely overwhelmed. Most are not emotionally prepared for this big change, but even fewer are financially prepared as they contemplate the most expensive years of their lives. There’s hope! You can afford college without jeopardizing your retirement. In this workshop you will learn:

  • The steps to maximize your financial aid eligibility
  • All about Expected Family Contribution, Cost of Attendance, FAFSA and CSS profile
  • How to compare public versus private colleges
  • Best practices for school selection

Finding the College STEM Program That’s Right for Your Student – Katherine Henderson, Henderson Frederick College Consulting

With college acceptance rates shrinking and competition growing, students need to find creative ways to  stand out amidst peers with equally hard-won grades and test scores. This is especially true in university-based STEM programs. Fortunately, female applicants have an edge in this arena, and we will discuss why–and how to maximize it for success. We’ll also answer such questions as:

  • What high school classes are “must-takes”?
  • What test scores should I be getting? How?
  • Are summer programs important? Which are the best?
  • What are the top engineering programs, and which of them mentor women?
  • Do women have an advantage when applying to medical school?
  • What emerging fields or majors should I watch for?

WORKSHOP 4: Inspiring Exploration in Technology, Science, and Engineering with Your Student–  Jennifer Diaz, Program Coordinator, Techbridge and Martha Pena, Program Manager, Techbridge

How do you inspire girls to explore, investigate and create while learning about problem solving strategies and perseverance? What steps should you take to ensure your child has the opportunity to explore careers in science, technology, and engineering? This presentation will share ideas and projects for you to try at home and in your communities as well as share some practical steps that you and your daughter can take to explore STEM careers.

WORKSHOP 5: Student Tech Leaders Engage in STEM Learning – Jan Half, Program Director, MOUSE Squad Student Tech
In this workshop you will learn about an award-winning non-profit program that teaches Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) concepts that are correlated to common core curriculum standards in the schools. By participating in various technology-based opportunities, students are motivated to succeed in today’s information society while providing a service to their schools. Project-based MOUSE Squad activities such as “Computer-in-a-Box” teach problem solving, communications and technology while exposing students to the Information Technology career path.

WORKSHOP 6: Girl Power! 21st Century Technical Careers for Females – Michael Fischer, Director for Regional Occupational Programs, Placer County
Female students are making tremendous advances in numerous ways, and young girls today should seriously consider pursuing technical careers and fields of study for college. In this presentation you’ll learn about the advantages of pursuing a technical career, how to get started in these fields, and how to thrive in environments where females are underrepresented. You will hear numerous examples of successful female role models in technical fields and learn how they have leveraged early leadership roles into career-changing opportunities.